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Strengthening cultural & biological management of pests & diseases


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The PIPS3 Program’s IPDM project, Strengthening Cultural and Biological Management of Pests and Diseases in Apple and Pear Orchards (AP19002), led by Agriculture Victoria, is commencing work to establish replicated conservation bio-control plots in the Experimental Pear Orchard of  the Tatura Smart Farm.

The experiment is assessing the effects of introducing increased plant biodiversity to the orchard interrow upon beneficial pollinators, predators and parasitoids, as well as biological control agents  below the ground and tree performance (yield and quality).

In this video, Agriculture Victoria Senior Research Scientists – Invertebrate & Weed Sciences, Greg Lefoe and Dr Raelene Kwong, discuss the aims of the two year investigation and the criteria for plant species selection in order to provide the right balance of characteristics for insect populations and practical application in an orchard operating environment.



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