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September Ag Chem Update


Hort Innovation has released it’s latest update of chemical reviews and regulatory changes, with APAL highlighting any changes that could impact Australian apple and pear growers. 

These updates are produced as part of the Hort Innovation-funded project Regulatory support and coordination (pesticides) (MT17019).

New Products/Uses  

For active ingredients to be used in agricultural chemicals intended for sale and use in Australia they must first be approved by the APVMA.  

The most relevant recent application for apple and pear growers for an active ingredient approval is for the use of the acaricide cyflumetofendeveloped by the Japanese company Otsuka AgriTechno Co.. It is registered in the USA for the management of spider mites in a number of crops, including pome fruit.  

Cyflumetofen is selective for spider miteskilling all stages of the mites’ life cycle – eggs, immature stages and adults – while being compatible with beneficial mites and other insects such as bees, according to BASF. 

Read more about Nealta, a BASF product containing cyflumetofen 

Label extensions & registrations 
Corteva have recently registered an organically certified formulation of spinosad (Entrust® Organic) for use in fruit, herbs, ornamentals, vegetables and forestry with a product launch planned for October. 

Spinosad is an active ingredient derived from fermentation of naturally occurring soil bacteria and is a good organic option for dealing with coddling moth  

Label amendments  

The APVMA has finalised its review of 2, 4-D requiring a number of label amendments. These include new spray drift restraints such as droplet spectrum and downwind buffer zones.  

Further information can be found here 

Click here for the full Hort Innovation update.  

APAL’s Future Orchards library contains a wealth of free material for growers to access, including spray technology and pest management.  

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