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Tenfarms Pty Ltd was established by David and Anthony Holman to facilitate direct trade from farm to markets both within Australia and overseas. From its base in the new wholesale markets at Epping, Victoria and the Sydney markets in NSW, Tenfarms has also developed ripening, storage and distribution facilities for stock requiring city based consolidation.

They sell apples and pears directly to supermarkets, independent retailers and overseas markets, to help improve net farm returns resulting in a more sustainable future. Innovation in farming technology, packaging, storage and distribution is essential and Tenfarms has brought great farmers together to achieve these goals.

Tenfarms largest two farms in Victoria’s Goulburn Valley use new dynamic controlled atmosphere (DCA) technology for the medium and longer term storage of apples and pears. DCA storage identifies the lower oxygen limit of pears using chlorophyll fluorescence.

It is termed ‘dynamic’ CA because it allows the storage manager to customise the oxygen concentration at the beginning of storage and change it during storage, as the lower oxygen limit changes. DCA is appealing because it is non-chemical; uses existing CA technology; can be monitored electronically in real-time; extends the storage time of fruit; and controls superficial scald and other storage disorders.

Available for export


  • Fuji
  • Granny Smith
  • Pink Lady®
  • Royal Gala


  • Beurré Bosc
  • Corella
  • Nashi
  • Packham
  • Paradise Pear
  • Red Anjou
  • Williams


David Holman
General Manager
+61 499 594 541


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