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Scott Bros (Scott Brothers Group Pty Ltd) is a well-established business located in the Huon Valley, Tasmania. The Huon Valley is next door to the Southwest National Park, which is part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, renowned for its rugged mountain ranges, ancient rainforest and pure clean rain water. Combined with the protective hills surrounding it, all of these factors create an excellent growing environment for apples.

The orchard consists of 32 hectares of various apple varieties including the Tiger Fuji variety, which was developed by Scott Bros and has been well received in China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Tiger Fuji apples have robust qualities akin to the Tasmanian Tiger, which was a carnivorous animal with distinct stripes native to Tasmania. Tiger Fuji apples have a large fruit size, high sugar content, firm but delicate flesh with an attractive striped appearance and boast excellent storage ability and shelf life.  These qualities make the Tiger Fuji a perfect example of a fresh food export product.

Scott Bros also comprises an export registered packing shed and up-to-date cool storage facilities. They have a long history of exporting apples to markets all around the world including countries in Europe, India and many Asian markets.

Available for export


  • Fuji
  • Red Delicious
  • Royal Gala
  • Tiger Fuji


Andrew Scott
Managing Director
+61 3 6297 1230
+61 419 002 498

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