Exporter – Lenswood Cold Store Co-operative Society

In 1933 Lenswood Cold Stores Co-operative Society Ltd was established. Its first packing shed was constructed in 1939 and the business expanded from storing into packing and marketing apples.

Today Lenswood grows and packs 20,000 tonnes of fruit annually, accounting for nearly 10 per cent of Australia’s national production. The scale of Lenswood’s operation is increasing as they innovate and expand in select regions of Australia.

Lenswood’s culture to learn and strive to be the best traces back to the 1900s with growers seeking advances to help them become better orchardists. The search for knowledge and innovation remains to this day with the continued commitment to create excitement in the apple industry by offering a range of new varieties. Lenswood has recently invested another $5M in upgrading and commissioning new packing equipment targeting export markets.

Lenswood has actively expanded its export capability and currently exports to the United Kingdom, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore and in 2015 was the largest exporter of fresh apples from Australia.

Lenswood has also purchased the Intellectual Property rights to several new varieties of apples and is working with international partners in the northern hemisphere and South East Asia to create and expand its export program.

Available for export


  • Fuji
  • Gala
  • Granny Smith
  • Joya®
  • MiApple™
  • Pink Lady®
  • Red Delicious
  • Rockit™


James Walters
Chief Executive Officer
+61 8 8389 8300
+61 409 377600


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