Exporter – Hansen Orchards

Hansen Orchards Pty Ltd is a fourth generation family-owned business growing, packing and marketing over 200 hectares of apples and cherries. They are located in the pristine environment of the Huon Valley in southern Tasmania, Australia.

Tasmania has a rich history in the apple industry, so much so that it is commonly known throughout the world as the ‘Apple Isle’. The temperate to cool maritime climate of Tasmania allows Hansen Orchards to grow firm, highly coloured, sweet apples with a long shelf life.

Hansen Orchards have invested in new varieties and new strains of existing varieties and coupled this with the world’s best growing practices. In 2016, Hansen Orchards won the Exporter of the Year for the apple and pear industry’s National Awards for Excellence.

Together with their brand new state-of-the-art packing facility situated on their farm, they have capitalised on their unique growing environment to provide their customers with what they say are the best red apples in the world.

Available for export


  • Pink Lady®
  • Red Fuji
  • Royal Gala
  • Tiger Fuji


Baden Ribbon
Marketing Manager
+61 407 354 205


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