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With operations in Australia and New Zealand, Freshmax Australia Pty Ltd is built on more than 50 years of produce marketing experience across the region. First established in New Zealand in 1995, the company grew through acquisition over the years that followed. In Australia, this included the integration of John Holman & Co, Panda Ranch, De Luca Banana Marketing and others. More recently, Freshmax has also become a major shareholder in Valley fresh and Valley fresh North America.

Today Freshmax comprises one of the largest fresh produce marketing and distribution operations in the pan-Pacific region. They are committed to quality, diversity, innovation, and service solidifying them as a partner of choice.

In Australia, their operations centre on three main distribution centres in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane as well as a regional office in Shepparton, Victoria. On top of this they maintain multiple co-ventures in farming and in Intellectual Property agreements. They continue to make significant investments in farming operations, quality management systems, and distribution.

Freshmax also has an industry leading in-house marketing team that collaborates with partners, clients and agencies around the world to ensure that no matter where produce goes, it is supported all the way to the consumer.

Available for export


  • Granny Smith
  • Modi®
  • Pink Lady®
  • Royal Gala


  • Paradise
  • Packham


Patricia Bowlby
Export Manager
+61 488 298 808


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