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BW Griggs & Sons is a family business of sixth generation Tasmanian apple growers who grow all the mainstream varieties of apples. Most recently they discovered and have developed the new Rubigold apple variety for which they have secured the plant breeding rights, trademark protection and international distribution rights.

Rubigold has a multi-dimensional flavour profile with more to it than the simple sweetness of a Gala or Fuji apple. It’s a large apple with an 80-90 per cent deep red colour, lime green background and golden flesh.

BW Griggs & Sons is a medium-sized business located in the Huon Valley in Tasmania, which provides ideal growing conditions for apples. Their facilities include cool storage and apple sorting and packing facilities, and they operate as growers, packers and exporters.

In 2015, they we were the largest exporter of Australian apples into China, which comprised of 90 per cent Rubigold apples. In that year they also won the Exporter of the Year Award as part of the National Awards for Excellence for the Australian apple and pear industry.

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  • Rubigold


Dane Griggs
+61 417 642 766


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