Exporter – Bonny Glen Fruits

Bonny Glen Fruits Pty Ltd is a second generation family-run business, managed by brothers Tim and Bernard Hall. With 150,000 apple trees across three orchards Bonny Glen is located in Orange, NSW. Orange is located at high altitude in rich volcanic soil, nourished by fresh, clean mountain water. Warm sunny days and cool clear nights provide ideal growing conditions for crisp crunchy apples

Bonny Glen’s facilities include seven controlled atmosphere rooms, a Smart Fresh room (a new technology to seal in the crispness of apples after harvest) and a separate pack house for apples and cherries, enabling them to grade, pack and market their own apples. The pack house has recently been renovated and extended.

The apple pack house has stringent quality control methods, to ensure only superior fruit is packed and exported. It incorporates the latest technology in software for camera colour sorting and operates for 10 months of the year.

Available for export


  • Pink Lady®
  • Royal Gala


Bernard Hall
+61 409 012 680


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