Exporter – Berraworth Exports

Over 780 acres of pome fruit orchard supply Berraworth Exports Pty Ltd (GV Independent Packers). The orchards are a family run business with a great team behind them that takes the greatest care in producing the highest quality fruit.

The orchards are highly focused on Integrated Pest Management, which is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management that has the least possible negative impact on people, property and the environment. GV Independent Packers use pheromones to minimise chemical spraying and natural pollination in all their orchards.

GV Independent Packers supplies a huge range of different apples and pears under its own ‘Sun Pick’ brand in many different packaging styles including fully wrapped, loose, punnets and flow wrapped.

GV Independent Packers supplies all year round due to seasonal availability and they take pride in growing, packing and supplying with 100 per cent care from tree to customer. GV Independent Packers is certified in food safety and hygiene management under Global Gap, HACCP and Fresh Care.

Available for export


  • Granny Smith
  • Royal Gala
  • Pink Lady®


  • Beurré Bosc
  • Josephine
  • Packham
  • Williams


Chris Georgopoulos
+61 3 5822 2200


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