SA state report – Aug/Sep 2018

In the previous issue I commented on the long, warm and dry autumn period. Fortunately, since then we have gone into more of a winter pattern, with the cold weather arriving and very frosty mornings and cold days bringing on some good winter chill. Some promising opening rains greeted us in early June; however, we have not seen much since and we will be looking for more rain in the coming months.

Pick a Pink Lady® Weekend continues to be a successful promotion for the industry in the Adelaide Hills, with ever-increasing interest in opportunities for consumers to pick their own fruit. The numbers of visitors increase each year with many thousands of people getting the opportunity to interact with the orchardists and gain a greater understanding of how their fruit is grown. It is just fantastic to see the number of families and young children eating apples with enjoyment, and the participating growers all report that the best thing they get out of it is seeing the looks on the faces of young children as they crunch into a fresh apple straight from the tree.

It was also a great opportunity this year to reinforce the messaging behind the Hailstorm Heroes campaign, with visitors not being at all deterred by the idea of picking and eating hail-marked fruit.

We hope everyone is able to take a break over the winter months before re-setting for next season.

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