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Risk assessment undertaken over the potential importation of US apples

Industry Advocacy

APAL continues to liaise with the Federal Government, major retailers and biosecurity experts over the United States’ interest in Australian apple markets.

Many growers will be aware that in 2018, the U.S government requested access to the Australian market for apples grown in the North-West region of the U.S. Due to trade agreements, Australia cannot object for trade or commercial reasons.

As part of this process the Australian government is required to prepare an Import Risk Assessment to understand the key biosecurity risks to Australia.

To ensure that these biosecurity risks are fully addressed and to protect the Australian industry, APAL has engaged a biosecurity expert and established an Expert Advisory Group to oversee the process.

The draft of the assessment is due to be released in August 2020 and once released, Australia’s apple and pear industry has 60 days in which to provide a response to any of the issues raised.

In its pre-submission APAL provided a detailed report into the risks associated with allowing U.S apples into Australia. It has made it clear that any consideration given by government into allowing access needs to be backed by extremely robust systems. If these cannot be achieved access should not be given.

APAL is in regular contact with the Federal Government regarding this issue and it is well aware of the industry’s concerns. We will keep you updated as the issue progresses.

We are also continuing to seek assurances from the major retailers regarding ‘Australia first’ sourcing policy.

For any queries please contact APAL Head of Government Relations Jeremy Griffith on 0467 817 142 or

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