Support for

Creating a better future for Australian apple and pear growers,
through industry leadership and commercial advancement.


Strengthening cultural and biological
management of pests and diseases in
apple and pear orchards

The research

The AP19002 project is investigating and demonstrating the efficacy and commercial benefit of biological control programs of major pests and diseases by:

  • Demonstrating efficacy of biocontrol of codling moth and light brown apple moth, including lures to:
    • assess establishment of Mastrus ridens;
    • determine the optimal conditions for Mastrus; and
    • evaluate the potential for long-term suppression of CM.
  • Assessing the genetic diversity of Mastrus in Australia.
  • Measuring the impact of Trichogramma spp. on CM eggs and their impact on CM and LBAM in orchards.
  • Addressing gaps in cultural practices, orchard biodiversity practices and IPDM understanding and knowledge by establishing conservation biocontrol plots in Tasmania (Huon Valley) and Victoria (Tatura).
  • Measuring the impact of orchard cultural management practices on plant health, yield and quality.
  • Measuring and analysing data on apple scab and root rot.

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Further information contact details:
Emily Crawford
Apple & Pear IPDM Project Officer, Agriculture Victoria
[email protected]