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PinKids apple brand refreshed for young consumers

Export & Market Access

The opportunities, challenges and long-term outlook for managed varieties will be a key topic at the upcoming APAL Forum 2021 – Grow Beyond (18-20 July). 

PinKids apples show how combining a high-quality product with clever consumer insights can turn a grower problem into a golden – or pink – opportunity. 

Fruit that does not meet the size standards of a branded variety can often end up as a less valuable product for the grower, such as ‘seconds’ or juice – but little Pink Lady® apples are given a new, branded lease on life. The PinKids brand was launched almost 10 years ago in the UK and Europe, and allows growers to sell good quality Pink Lady® fruit that is a bit on the smaller side – making it perfect for little hands and lunchboxes. 

High-value fruits of growers’ labour 

Craig Chester, APAL Head of Commercial & Brand Development, said PinKids is a great example of a branding opportunity that benefits both customers and growers. 

“It creates opportunities for  growers to receive better returns for more of their crop. Taking an industry reality (variable fruit size), and applying clever branding to match a consumer need (smaller sizes for kids),” Craig said. 

“All Pink Lady® licensed growers and packers within our many growing regions, from time to time, have the opportunity to use the PinKids brand where they have small sized fruit which meets the Pink Lady quality specifications. The Pink Lady sub-brand helps maintain a higher price for growers.” 

Shiny new design for tiny hands

Now, the PinKids sub-brand of Pink Lady® apples is getting a refresh to further highlight its consumer niche as “an apple for young foodies”. Consumer research showed that parents found the full-sized apples to be too large for kids. The key marketing message of the brand refresh is that these petit Pink Lady apples mean kids can enjoy the iconic “sweet, juicy burst of flavour” in their perfect serving size.  

New ‘mascots’ for PinKids

“Consumers we spoke to in Australia in 2018, specifically families, said they like a smaller sized piece of fruit. The fun, appealing PinKids packaging, and small size fruit for small sized hands is well received by consumers,” Craig said.  

“New 100% recyclable packaging options are also the result of consumer insights and ‘greener’ purchasing choices by parents.” 

Lastly, the marketing messaging has also been tweaked. Fun new PinKids brand mascots are shown running, playing, learning and living active, healthy lives, and marketing will tie in with annual back-to-school and children’s health awareness days. 

PinKids is positioned to parents as a healthy food choice, and positioned to kids as a fun, easy and delicious snack that helps them work and play.  

Australian export opportunities

The largest Pink Lady® growing regions are France, Italy, Spain, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, United States, Canada and Australia. Most of the PinKids apples on UK shelves are from South Africa and Europe,  but the newly announced FTA with the UK further sweetens the future export opportunity for Australian growers.  

“The brand is there for the exclusive use of Pink Lady® export licensees, including those in Australia licensed within the Pink Lady® network. Most of the large retailers across the UK and Europe will sell the PinKids branded fruit from time to time – programs will be based on seasonal sizes and grading. There is also interest in PinKids in the US, South-East Asia, The Gulf and European countries.” 

Australian licensed growers who are interested in exploring the PinKids potential should get in touch with Craig Chester, APAL Head of Commercial & Brand Development, at 

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