Pear exports best in a decade

By Wayne Prowse

Australian pear exports are at their highest in a decade thanks to good growing and trading conditions and renewed interest and commitment from growers.

Australian pear exports are up 38 per cent growth to 6,888 tonnes during the first eight months of 2015 with a value of $10.9 million and are on track for the best season result since 2005. Ideal growing conditions, a favourable exchange rate and renewed export optimism have combined to generate the lift in trade.


Moreover, in the year between August 2014 and August 2015, Australia exported 8,816 tonnes worth $14.1 million. This is a great result since the last time the annual exports of Australian pears were higher than $14 million was in 2003.

Four markets – Canada, Indonesia, New Zealand and Hong Kong – accounted for 75 per cent of Australia’s pear export trade over the 12 month period to August 2015.

Canada imported within 2 per cent of last year’s Australian pears by volume, and Indonesia lifted 44 per cent to date as Australia clawed back some share from other suppliers. New Zealand is trading 31 per cent higher in the mid stages of their import season looking promising for a strong 2015 result. However, the most impressive result has been the resurgence of Hong Kong as a market taking 678 tonnes this year after just 45 tonnes last year.

In other markets, Singapore increased 250 per cent to 471 tonnes taking share away from competitors, and modest gains from Pacific Island markets.

After almost a decade of exports being sub $10 million it is encouraging to see resurgence and it may continue.


From September 2014 to August 2015 Australia imported 1,620 tonnes of Asian pears of which 93 per cent were from China and the balance from South Korea. Asian pear imports from South Korea were suspended in June 2015 but resumed in October 2015.

Overall, the result was 25 per cent higher than the same period last year though well below the 10-year average of almost 3,000 tonnes imported per year.


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