Autumn orchard walks update: dates, times, and speakers

The next round of Future Orchards® orchard walks in March and April 2019 will look at achieving optimum quality more consistently using examples from some of the most advanced orchard systems worldwide.

Recent rounds have focused on quality and covered the changing orchard production aspects right through to the needs of the consumer. The Autumn walks will be focusing on harvest, including how the quality of the fruit reflects the season’s growing practices, how orchard management influences the quality seen post-harvest and climatic impacts on achieving quality.


For the Southern Loop we are joined by Steve Spark and Rick Derrey.

rick derrey future orchards march 2019

Rick Derrey

Rick Derrey is the Director of Horticulture and Grower Relations at T&G Global Limited.  Rick is based in Washington State, USA where he leads the North American program which includes Jazz™, Envy™ and Pacific Rose™ brands.  Rick is also a highly experienced apple grower. His topic will be the importance and practice of implementing club quality programs and how this contributes to better quality to the consumer.

Steve Spark, AgFirst who will present on the climatic factors and the effect on apple quality, with an emphasis on the harvest and post-harvest.



For the Northern Loop, presenters will be Ross Wilson and Robert Wiedmer.

robert weidmer future orchards march 2019

Robert Wiedmer

Robert Wiedmer is from the Südtiroler Beratungsring/South Tyrol Consultancy Ring of Advisors for Orchard and Viticulture. With 6,829 members, the Beratungsring is the world’s largest privately-owned consulting organisation in the fruit and wine sector, providing independent and objective advice on the economic and environmental production of apples, viticulture, apricots and cherries. While Robert advises on all aspects of the fruit industry, his focus for the orchard walks will be the methods and new technologies used by the South Tyrolean apple industry to ensure the highest eating quality.

Ross Wilson, AgFirst who will present on the climatic factors and the effect on apple quality, with an emphasis on the harvest and post-harvest.

Southern Loop

  • Southern Tasmania: Monday, 04 March 2019 at 11:00am – Old Grove Research Station, 99 Pages Rd, Grove
  • Southern Victoria: Tuesday, 05 March – postponed until further notice
  • South Australia: Wednesday, 06 March 2019 at 1:00pm – Lenswood Bowls Club, Lenswood
  • Western Australia: Thursday, 07 March 2019 at 1:00pm – John Hearman’s Orchard, 3km on the right off Charley Creek Rd (off Boyup Brook/Donnybrook Rd), Donnybrook

Northern Loop


Future Orchards® is an APAL project funded by Hort Innovation using the apple and pear levy with matched funds from the Australian Government.

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