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Opportunity for inclusion in new Austrade Horticulture Directory

Export & Market Access

Austrade is creating a Horticulture Directory of growers and exporters as part of its series of Australian Exporter Directories. This is a free service from the Australian Government. The deadline for submissions is 25 November.

The directories are used privately by Austrade’s international business development managers when promoting Australian food and beverage capabilities to target overseas customers. Customers value the ability to browse through what Australia has to offer.

As an example, you can view the online Austrade Seafood Exporter Directory here or see the image below for other examples.

Examples of pages from other Austrade exporter directories.

How to participate

To include your company in the Horticulture Directory, please contact Jenny Van de Meeberg, Head of Trade, APAL, at [email protected] and include the following:

  • Write a confirmation of your willingness to participate.
  • Include the company name, phone number, postal address and website, plus a contact name and email address.
  • State which produce category chapter you would like your company to be listed under. There will be chapters for Table Grapes, Citrus, Cherries, Summerfruit, Nuts, Vegetable and Other (tropical fruit, avocadoes etc).
  • State all produce categories that you export. These will be listed on your company page and represented in a company matrix at the beginning of the booklet.
  • List all of your export categories and the varieties you export, e.g. table grapes: Long Crimson, Thompson seedless etc. Alternatively, if you have a company document outlining your categories and varieties, you can attach it to the email instead of listing the categories and varieties.

Then you will need to upload high-resolution/full-size image files of your logo and preferred product images (3–4 maximum) to the Austrade storage folder as they will be too large to send by email. Upload your image files to

Ideally the image files need to be in eps/pdf/svg file format, so they can be resized and won’t lose any quality in print. If they can only be supplied as a jpeg picture file then please ensure they are 300dpi resolution (typically a minimum of 1 MB in file size).

Make sure each file name contains your company name, a short description and the image number, e.g. Aust Fruit Company Gala apple image 1.pdf, so that the Austrade design team knows to whom the photos belong.


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