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Online training for Australian apple and pear exporters

Export & Market Access

Online apple and pear export training will be launched on the APAL website from July as part of a levy-fund project to boost export awareness and readiness.

Delivered by APAL  and funded by Hort Innovation using the apple and pear research and development levy the Apple and Pear Export Readiness and Market Access project will launch a range of module based online learning pages on the APAL website.

Boosting exports is a key priority in reducing industry risk related to Australian growers’ heavy reliance on the domestic market.

Lifting industry exports to 10 per cent of the marketable production by 2027 was identified as achievable in the 2017 Apple & Pear Industry Export Development Strategy.

With the COVID-19 crisis presenting short- and long-term impediments to travel, regional workshops planned for this year have now been replaced by a modular-based learning system.

Training, accessible anytime from anywhere, will cover topics ranging from market access and research and freight and logistics to detailed apple and pear market overviews.

Not an exporter, but interested in supplying one? Keep an eye out for the session on ‘How to supply export markets, without being an exporter’.

APAL sees the development of a lasting online learning system as a major benefit to levy payers. The modules will be accessible at anytime from anywhere, and users can work through the modules at their own pace, at a time convenient to them.

The resource will complement existing Market Access and Export Readiness online resources.

These modules will be split into two distinct sections:

Core Export Introduction

  1. Export Readiness Introduction
  2. Market Access & Market Research
  3. Market Entry
  4. International Marketing
  5. Freight & Logistics
  6. Financing

Apple & Pear Specific

  1. Overview of apple exports
  2. Detailed apple market overview
  3. Detailed apple market overview: protocol markets
  4. Overview of pear exports
  5. Detailed pear market overview
  6. Detailed pear market overview: protocol markets
  7. How to supply export markets without being an exporter
  8. Support available to assist apple & pear exporters

APAL aims to launch the core modules in July, with all modules to be released by August.  The project is looking forward to visiting regions with specific training, travel permitting, later in 2020.

The training is part of a suite of information APAL is delivering online this year, which also includes a series of free webinars, and the Future Orchards Winter Orchards walks.

For more details or any export related discussions, please reach out to Justin Smith at APAL –

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