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NRS report shows good compliance and industry standard for pome fruit

Export & Market Access

DAWE has now published the annual reports and National Residue Survey (NRS) brochures for 2020-21 FY. 

The results for the pome fruit industry 2020-21 show 95.51 per cent overall compliance with Australian standards, showing a high degree of good agricultural practice among producers. 

Read the full report online at the DAWE website. 

The program involves testing of pome fruit for a range of: 

  • Pesticides 
  • Environmental contaminants, and  
  • Microorganisms 

The program is into its second season of offering patulin testing for apple and pear juice. 

In this presentation, Assistant Director of Plant Programs for the NRS, Jenna Garwood, explains what the NRS means for pome fruit exporters and how these tests help industry maintain a good reputation and support market access into the future. 

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