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November 2022 Future Orchards® Spring Series Event Details

Business Management

Do you have a harvest target? What’s your plan to achieve it?

Join us at APAL’s Future Orchards® Spring Orchard Walks from 14–18 November to find out what you can do now to get the most out of your trees for harvest.

The Spring Orchard Walks will feature presentations from international guests, Dr Lee Kalcsits from Washington State University and Jorika Cronje, Horticulturalist and Soil Scientist from South Africa, with Jonathan Brookes and Nic Finger.

Dr Lee Kalcsits, Tree Fruit Physiologist, Washington State University and Jorika Cronje, Horticulturalist and Soil Scientist, South Africa will share the latest research outcomes and international practices in crop nutrition and attaining optimum fruit quality.

Jonathan Brookes, AgFirst and Nic Finger, Fruit Help/ member of the AgFirst team for Future Orchards, will lead discussions to use your block data to optimise returns at harvest. This includes how to identify, set and achieve crop targets, management actions to put in place, how to measure if you are on track and options if you are not on track.

What you will learn and discuss

  • Optimising crop nutrition – based on updates from international research
  • Identifying and setting crop targets (e.g. driving fruit size, high colour)
  • Specific management actions to achieve targets (e.g. hand thinning priorities, budgeting for harvest labour).

Event details

This year’s spring orchard walks will take place concurrently on the below dates. Please click through to the Eventbrite links for further information and to register:

Northern Loop

Southern Loop

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