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Nielsen data for October: dollar and volume sales decline


In the four weeks to 10 October 2021, the take home fruit category declined -8.3% in dollar sales and grew 3.5% in volume sales versus the same time year ago.


Apples declined by -15.8% in dollar sales and -3.5% in volume sales. The key contributing factors to the dollar sales growth was due to a decrease in average price volume.

Other apples, consisting of new varieties, such as Envy, Eve, Jazz, Kanzi, etc., saw a decline in both dollar and volume sales.

Royal Gala was the varietal that saw the highest volume growth.


Pears declined -16.8% in dollar sales and -1.1% in volume sales. A decline in purchase frequency and average price per volume contributed to the decline in dollar sales.

Other pears, consisting of varieties, such as Beurre Bosc & Corella pears etc., saw a decline in both dollar and volume sales.

The decline of other pears was driven by a decline in buying households, purchase frequency, volume purchased per occasion and average price per volume.

APAL calculation based in part on data reported by NielsenIQ through its Homescan Service for the fresh fruit category to 10 Oct 2021, for the Total Australia market, according to the NielsenIQ standard product hierarchy. Copyright © 2021, Nielsen Consumer LLC.

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