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Creating a better future for Australian apple and pear growers,
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Supporting the apple and pear industry to grow smarter

To remain at the leading edge, Australian growers must be able to take advantage of the world’s best scientific knowledge in agronomy, packaging and pests and disease management.

Investment of the R&D levy into scientific research is guided by the Apple and Pear Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) and aims to improve industry profitability and global competitiveness of Australian industry.

Outputs from levy-funded projects range from fact sheets to videos and capture the recommendations for growers to implement on-farm. When an investment is complete, a Final Research Report is prepared.

In addition to those Final Research Reports specific to pome fruit, cross-industry reports of relevance to apple and pear growers and Industry Statistics curated by APAL are listed below.

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The apple and pear industry is worth over $600 million to the Australian economy, and produces 370,000 tonnes of apples and pears annually. 

Uncover important metrics for the apple and pear industry, including production (tonnes), value (million $), and consumption (kg/person/year)

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The Productivity, Irrigation, Pests and Soils (PIPS2) program coordinates different organisations to undertake orchard research for the apple and pear industry. 

Project: ‘Physiological, metabolic and molecular basis of biennial bearing in apples’

Project: ‘Improved tree and fruit nutrition for the Australian apple industry’

Project: ‘Tree Structure’

Project: ‘Profitable pears: Maximising productivity and quality of new pear varieties’

Project: ‘Integrated pest and disease management’

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These reports and associated projects are funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia Ltd using
the apple and pear industry levy funds from growers and funds from the Australian Government.
Other project partners and funding bodies are shown on individual reports.

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