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APAL aims to be a trusted source of clear, accurate and timely news and advice for Australian apple and pear growers and the broader industry.

Our global network of technical advisors, researchers, government representatives and commercial experts help APAL deliver insights to equip industry for a more profitable and sustainable future.

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AFG is the leading publication for apple and pear growers. Over 900 industry stakeholders trust AFG for the latest in technical information, news and expert opinion articles. AFG is published quarterly in alignment with the seasons. Download a library of previous editions below or see our latest news here.


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APAL is a public company limited by guarantee and is required to produce an annual report each year. It is also a not-for-profit organisation registered with the Australian Charities and Not For Profits Commission (ACNC). As such, our financial statements are required to be lodged with the ACNC and can be located by following this link;

Apple and Pear Australia Ltd | ACNC

APAL works in consultation with industry and key stakeholders to develop strategies to deliver future growth and sustainability.

APAL Industry Strategy 2018-2023

APAL has developed a five-year strategy that is the first stage of a long-term plan to transform the profitability of the apple and pear industry. This strategy addresses the fundamental issues that are holding back industry growth in a global market.

This new strategy provides the industry with a clear and collective vision for a planned future – and the practical actions, timeframes and metrics to deliver it.

Download the APAL Industry Strategy 2018 – 2023

Apple and Pear Industry Export Development Strategy

Boosting exports is a key priority in reducing industry risk related to our heavy reliance on the domestic market.

The Apple and Pear Industry Export Development Strategy released in 2017 sets a target of exporting 10 per cent of production by 2027.

The initial five-year strategy developed by Melbourne-based consultants McKinna et al in consultation with industry, and funded by Hort Innovation using the apple and pear levy and funds from the Australian Government, maps and prioritises a range of markets from ‘prime prospects’ to ‘low priority’ and sets forth a road map for capturing them.


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From orchard to plate, the growing, harvesting and storage of apples and pears is a fascinating and surprisingly complex industry.

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APAL’s publications incorporate services provided under the National apple and pear industry
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