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New COVID-19 standards for Queensland Ag Sector

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All Queensland employers using seasonal workers will be required to register a Health Management Plan, new standards for the state’s agriculture sector, designed to keep the spread of Coronavirus in check.

The Queensland Government announced the standards yesterday at a meeting with stakeholders across the sector, of which APAL were present. The Health Management Plan requires employers to outline the steps the employer is taking to minimize the risk of spreading the virus.

The Government noted that stronger state border protections, increased compliance with health obligations and finding locally-led solutions to issues such as workforce supply and accommodation were all key elements of the standards.

Those impacted are all Queensland based workplaces in the agribusiness and commercial fishing industry who employ, or have as visitors or contractors, interstate workers or seasonal workers.

While it is recognized it may take companies time to implement the plan, the Government has asked the sector to acts as quickly as possible in implementing the plan.  Among the documents employers required are seasonal workers’ letter of employment, proposed accommodation, and a history of recent travel and accommodation.

You can download a template of the plan here. The template includes a checklist that may be used in conjunction with the Health Plan Template as a self-assessment checklist to identify ways to reduce transmission of COVID1-19 within a workplace and assist business continuity.

You can also find FAQs regarding the plan here.

For any questions or enquiries, please contact Jeremy Griffith, Head of Government Relations on 0467 817 142 or


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