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My harvest: Ceravolo Orchards, South Australia


Joyce and Joe Ceravolo

It’s a case of decreased quantity, increased quality for the Ceravolos in the Adelaide Hills this harvest.

The Ceravolo family has around 300 hectaresof orchards in South Australia’s Adelaide Hills, where they grow Red Delicious, Jonathan, Golden Delicious, Sundowner, Granny Smith, Royal Gala, Fuji and varieties sold as Pink Lady, as well as those marketed as Bravo™, Greenstar® and Kanzi®.

The Ceravolos also run Ashton Valley Fresh, which sells fresh juices and supplies a number of cider makers, producing almost five million litres in 2019.

Joseph Ceravolo is a fourth-generation grower alongside sister Joyce. He said the family was looking forward to a better crop this year after two difficult years with weather.

“I’d say our crop is down about 20 per cent in quantity, but we’re absolutely ahead in quality,” Joseph said.

“We’re picking Gala this week, and we’re harvesting Granny Smith as well. We’ll start picking Pink Lady apples in about 10 days’ time, and we’ve got Sundowners to go as well.

“I reckon we’ll be picking until about 20 May, which is more or less usual for us.

“The quality is exceptional this year, we’re really happy. It’s the best colour we’ve had in a long time. The sugar levels are great as well.

“The prices are I think, appropriate. I’m happy with how that has started.

“We’ve had two bad years before this one, so we were due for a good one!”

Joseph also said that he felt for those who have been impacted by the bushfires in his area.

“The bushfires missed us personally, but it obviously got a few guys around here and caused a lot of property loss, but also motivational loss as well.

“It’s hard for those guys because growing fruit isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle. Sometimes there is money and sometimes there isn’t. You do it for love, and something like (the fires) is very tough. Drought is the same.

“We were lucky enough for it to miss us and although crop is down on most varieties, we’re going pretty well overall. “

Granny Smiths from this year’s harvest at Ceravolo Orchards

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