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Merry Christmas from APAL


2020 has been a truly incredible year for everyone. It is hard to believe that as I prepare this message Christmas plans for so many of our friends and colleagues here in Australia and around the world are yet again uncertain. On behalf of the board and team at APAL, we hope that even if you can’t spend the holiday break as planned, that youyour family and friends can enjoy a safe and merry Christmas  

As we draw a close to 2020, there is much we are keen to farewell, but there have been some positive moments and achievements. For starters, 2020 has demonstrated the importance of our primary production and the logistic networks that make it possible to safely share our produce across the nation and around the globe. 

2020 has also equipped all of us with skills we never thought we wanted – and we are all too familiar with the phrase of 2020…  ‘You’re on mute’. Through technology we have maintained connections and built new networks, we have ventured virtually interstate, overseas and over the fence. In many ways we have seen more of the nation and each other than ever before. These skills have opened up new options for sharing knowledge that we can take with us into the new year. 

Looking forward to 2021, we will begin the year with our Post-harvest seminar on 20 January. The event will bring some of 2020 with us while also marking a return to pre-Covid face to face contact – albeit with limited numbers and with masks and hand sanitiser at the ready. The event will be delivered onsite and online and will tap into our international networks. It’s an exciting mix and a fantastic way to begin moving on from a very challenging 2020. 

With the harvest weeks away, we know there are real challenges in sourcing labour to pick our crop.  We would like to thank the many individuals, organisations and departments that continue to work with our industry to explore ways to boost labour supplyWith this in mind, we wish everyone a prosperous, safe and successful 2021. 

Phil Turnbull 


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