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Media watch: US imports

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APAL is urging industry to have their say on proposed arrangements to enable the import of fresh apples from the USA’s Pacific Northwest regions into Australia.

A recently released report from the Australian Government into biosecurity arrangements for the import of U.S.A apples has been made available for feedback, which can be done here.

APAL has a look at nation-wide media coverage of proposed arrangements that could allow the import of US apples into Australia:

ABC: Apple industry raises biosecurity concerns about latest step towards US imports

“We are very fortunate in the industry in Australia to have really minimal diseases and insect pressure.

“We know we can’t stop imports of apples into Australia — we understand free trade. This is all about security and keeping our industry safe from any of those biosecurity risks.”

  • Joe Ceravolo, Adelaide Hills

Channel Seven W.A: Concern growing in apple industry

“It costs about $105,000 per hectare, and we don’t get a return on that for eight years. It would mean if we got fire blight in year six or seven, it would mean we’d lose $105,000 per hectare.”

  • Mark Scott, Nannup, Western Australia

ABC: Biosecurity systems overhaul needed as threats increase, CSIRO warns

“We have growing volumes of trade, growing movements of people, we have more complexity in our systems.

“That actually means that the residual biosecurity risk, it just kind of keeps growing and growing and growing — and that’s why we need different approaches.”

Kathleen Plowman, CEO Animal Health Australia

The Weekly Times: U.S. Apples one step closer to Australian shelves

“The US’s 20-year push to export their apples to Australian customers, however, has not been welcomed by domestic growers, with peak apple and pear body APAL arguing their importation risks introducing myriad pests and diseases including fire blight and European canker that could devastate local production.”

Channel Nine:  Apple growers hit out at Federal Government proposal

Local apple growers have said that if this goes through, this will be the final straw that makes them decide, I’ve had enough, I’m going to give up growing apples”

  • Trevor Peeler, Harcourt

APAL: Proposed arrangements to enable the import of fresh apples from United States into Australia

“The report identifies 24 exotic mites, midges, maggots, worms, moths, rots, bacterium, fungi and viruses and documents repeated outbreaks in USA growing regions.

“These pests have the potential to devastate Australian apple production and other valuable agricultural industries, which threatens Australia’s national food security and the food security of countries that rely on our safe, clean and high-quality agricultural exports.”

  • APAL CEO Phil Turnbull


Daily Advertiser: Batlow apple grower, Greg Mouat, confident local apples will beat any US imports

Good Fruit and Vegetables: Draft report proposes US apples be allowed in

Daily Mail: Apples imported from America pose biosecurity risk and could contain maggots, viruses and a dangerous bacterial disease known as fire blight

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