Marketing plans for Kalei apple announced

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APAL plans more marketing support for Kalei apples.

With Kalei apple production increasing on the back of new plantings in 2013 and this coming year, APAL has announced its plans to market this new variety.

Under APAL’s licence with the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Queensland (DAFFQ), funds from the annual ‘per hectare’ tree royalty will be available for APAL to invest in marketing activities once the trees reach 4th leaf.

“In these early stages, as production volumes begin to increase, growers are encouraged to approach their customers including supermarkets to arrange supply through retail outlets,” says Garry Langford, APAL’s IP division manager. “Fruit stickers will be available for use this coming season.”

“The Kalei variety is not a ‘club’ variety and is available to all interested growers. Going forward, APAL will invite all Kalei growers to participate in discussions regarding marketing plans,” Garry adds.

The Kalei brand manual developed by APAL will provide clear guidelines for marketing and promotional activities. APAL envisages activities will include attractive Point of Sale (POS) materials highlighting the variety’s features, in-store tastings and website competitions to encourage consumers to try the variety.

“As a reminder – Kalei apples are sweet and stay fresh for longer, and the best part is the variety can withstand apple scab in the orchard, providing financial benefits to growers and health benefits to consumers,” says Garry. “Kalei apples which are grown in a certified organic orchard and meet specific trade mark quality specifications may be sold under the brand name Azana®.”

Licensed Nurseries

Olea Nursery in Western Australia is the latest nursery to be licenced to propagate and sell Kalei trees and budwood.

Growers who are interested in planting Kalei trees in either a conventional orchard or a certified organic orchard should place orders through one of the following licensed nurseries:

  • Tangara Nursery (Grove, Tas) — 03 6266 4364
  • Tahune Fields Nursery (Lucaston, Tas) — 03 6266 4474
  • Olea Nursery (Yanmah, via Manjimup, WA) – 08 9772 1207

APAL understands that 5,500 feathered trees on APFIP certified M26 are currently available for planting from Tangara Nursery.


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