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Managing bird damage in the orchard

Pest and Disease Management

Bird damage to orchards is an ongoing issue, with varying solutions depending on growing region, bird species and the technology or tools available for use. 

The apple and pear industry is not alone in managing damage by pest birds in orchards. As part of the Walnut/Hazelnut Bird Damage project Pest Bird Management in Walnut and Hazelnut Orchards to minimise nut destruction and tree damage, the Walnut, Hazelnut, Pistachio and Chestnut industries have provided a variety of resources to their members about managing bird damage in nut trees. 

Birds ‘n’ Nuts, Ed. 1, Dec 2020 

Birds ‘n’ Nuts, Ed. 2, Jan 2021 

The Walnut Information & Technology Newsletter, Vol. 2, Ed. 3, Mar 2021 

These are a guide only and product labels should be read carefully before application. 

Disclaimer: Mention of trade names does not imply endorsement or preference of any company’s product and any omission of a trade name is unintentional. 

You can find general information on pest birds via the PestSmart website.

ExtensionAus Apple and Pear IPDM Manual contains introductory resources for approaching bird pest management in orchards: 

As noted in the manual, the legal guidelines and best practice control options to manage pest animal damage in orchards varies by state. 

If you are unsure, contact the relevant state body. 


Contact Agriculture Victoria via DELWP on 136 186 to be directed to the appropriate ag expert. 


The Department of Primary Industries has prepared a manual on Managing Bird Damage.

For pest animals, particularly invasive or feral species, Department of Primary Industries has additional resources to support pest management. 

For the control of native species, permits may be required. Contact the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) Wildlife Team for further information. 

For queries about the use of noise or visual deterrents, contact your local council.


Contact Biosecurity or FarmPoint directly, depending on the pest species.

Biosecurity: 03 6165 3777

FarmPoint: 1300 292 292

South Australia 

Department of Primary Industries and Regions: Pest Bird guidance including Landscape South Australia board contact for further info. 


Business Queensland: Controlling pest animals on your property 

For further information and queries on wildlife management, phone 13 74 68 and ask for the Department of Environment and Science. 

Western Australia 

Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development: General guidance around pest birds, including resources for the management of specific WA pest birds. 

For further information, contact Pest and Disease Information Service (PaDIS) 

Phone: +61 (0)8 9368 3080 


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