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Managing Alternaria leaf blotch and fruit spot

Pest and Disease Management

At last week’s Future Orchards® Orchard Walk in Stanthorpe, Stephen Tancred (Front Line Advisor for Queensland, Orchard Services) provided an update on management of Alternaria leaf blotch and fruit spot.

These fungal diseases can affect apple leaves and fruit from mid-season to late-season, and may lead to reduction in fruit quality or fruit loss. Including Alternaria in your disease management program now can help to reduce disease severity later in the season.  

Although first reported in Stanthorpe, Queensland, Alternaria has also been reported as a problem in orchards in Bilpin and Orange in NSW, and Western Australia, particularly when conditions are warm and wet.  

A copy of Stephen’s presentation slides can be found here, along with an information sheet. 

Further information about earlier research conducted in Australia can be found here: 

Alternaria leaf blotch and fruit spot of apple in Australia 

Research update on Alternaria (from 2012 Future Orchards Walk) 

AP05002: Alternaria Fruit Spot: New Directions Report 

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