Kanzi doubles production in 2017

Australian Kanzi Apple growers marketed 1,600,000 kg of class one Kanzi in Australia in 2017, double last year’s production.

Batlow Kanzi apple grower, packer and marketer Rob Cathels says despite the increased crop, fruit sales were completed nationally within the planned 12 week marketing window, from early April to early July.

Growers and marketers have successfully positioned Kanzi as a seasonal apple, rather than a year-around commodity, reinforcing its freshness, crunch and unique flavour with discerning apple consumers, he observed.

Kanzi apples were marketed as ‘fresh off the tree’ and were available until July only.

Red-skinned Kanzi has a distinctive combination of sweet and tangy flavour and a juicy crunch. It comes from a natural crossing between the sweet Royal Gala and tangy Braeburn.

This year Kanzi was marketed through all the major retail channels, including supermarkets and independent retailers.

Coordinated marketing, along with a combination of consumer demand, well-defined product specifications and targeted promotions, have been the key to success in marketing the increased volumes of fruit available.

Consumer demand is reflected in reports by retailers about the level of repeat purchases by consumers and inquiry about availability of fruit as the season ended.

Gippsland Victoria Kanzi apple grower, packer and marketer James Ryan says Kanzi growers expect a similar increase in 2018 in the size of the marketable crop. He says this is exciting, rather than a challenge, as more fruit will be available to respond to increasing demand.

2018 will see an expanded promotion campaign, targeting the trade, retailers and consumers, to support the increased production.

A milestone will be reached in 2018, when the agreed limit of 750,000 planted trees in Australia is achieved. As production reaches its potential, with orchards reaching maturity over the coming seasons, Kanzi will cement its place as a premium seasonal apple in an increasingly crowded Australian apple category, James forecasts.


Article sourced from Produce Marketing Australia who are handling promotions of Kanzi apple.

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