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New Kalei campaign set to sparkle


APAL are investing in retail activities to support the season launch of Kalei® – one of the emerging ‘managed brands’ to hit retailers’ shelves this season.

The activity takes place  in 50 high consumer traffic Coles stores across South East Queensland where Rizzato and Sons, and Nicoletti Orchards are focussing this season’s Kalei® program.

The activity will showcase improved and updated Kalei® branding, developed to help Kalei® take a more distinctive visual position in market this year. The use of a new tagline “Apples never tasted so good” will be trialled on colourful point of sale stands for 2 weeks. With bright colour and a confectionery look and feel to the brand elements, Kalei® takes the role of a sweet, fun and youthful alternative for apple buyers looking to switch out of lower performing traditional varieties.

Bred and refined by Queensland Government researchers and APFIP for over 30 years, Kalei® has attracted global grower interest because it is resistant to the enormously problematic apple scab (blackspot) and reputation for good storage in either Controlled Atmosphere or cold storage facilities. Post-harvest storage results from recent Northern Hemisphere tests conducted November 2018 were extremely encouraging, and that data is available by contacting APAL for those interested in propagating. Kalei® most importantly is also rating highly with consumers for its lovely, sweet taste and rich pinkish-burgundy colour when ripe.

But it’s not just Kalei®’s growing, storage and taste credentials that makes it an attractive prospect for growers, explained APAL’s Head of Group Brands, Craig Chester.

“Kalei®’ is a ‘managed brand’ which means that unlike traditional club-varieties, Kalei® is openly available to all Australian growers through registered nurseries,” he said.

As a managed brand growers are able to trial the fruit in orchard without being subject to high production requirements often associated with club varieties.

The real benefit, however, comes through APAL’s involvement – alongside DAF – to develop and commercialise the Kalei® brand in Australia and around the globe. APAL is drawing a line in the sand with the variety and ramping up the commercialisation activities and consumer facing support for growers already investing in the variety. Real momentum is beginning to build for growers here and overseas.

As the international brand owner of Pink Lady® , Craig explains “APAL has been able to take a lot of what we have learnt about successful fresh produce branding in overseas markets and apply that to the consumer facing elements of Kalei® for the benefit of growers and partners here in Australia.”

“By keeping the tight control over the quality specification, injecting discipline around the use of branding and investing in dynamic retail programs like we’re about to see in Queensland, growers are able to enjoy a healthy premium price for Kalei®.”

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