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Introducing Ian Cover, APAL’s new Industry Services Manager for Biosecurity and Extension


Ian Cover, Industry Services Manager for Biosecurity and Extension

APAL is happy to announce Ian Cover has joined the team as the Industry Services Manager for Biosecurity and Extension, on a permanent part-time basis.

Ian has an extensive background in the apple and pear industry, having worked for eight years as the Industry Development Officer at Fruit Growers Tasmania. More recently, he spent the last two years developing his technical skills as an Agronomist at Nutrien Ag Solutions, with experience delivering agronomic and export compliance advice, crop monitoring and fruit testing services. 

Ian will be responsible for updating and rolling out biosecurity training resources to help improve industry preparedness in the event of exotic plant pest incursions. He will also help to improve export and trade through his work on export maximum residue limits (MRLs) and the systems approach for meeting biosecurity requirements to access key markets. Closer to home in Tasmania, he’ll be helping to deliver APAL’s Future Orchards® program. 

“I’ve always been passionate about helping growers and, in this role, I feel that I have a great balance of providing strategic goals that will benefit industry as a whole, but not lose sight of the one-on-one interaction with growers,” Ian said. 

“Visiting all the growing regions has also been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and I’m lucky to have the opportunity to do so as part of the biosecurity extension training.” 

Justin Smith, Head of Industry Services at APAL, expressed his delight in having Ian join the team, stating that APAL’s Industry Services team is now one of the strongest in horticulture, providing extensive experience and intellect across all facets of the industry. 

Looking to the future, Ian sees APAL evolving in response to changing industry needs. He is confident that APAL will be on the front foot on industry issues and that growers will be the focus. Ian is excited to be a part of this evolution and hopes to make a significant contribution to the industry’s success. 

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