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International, domestic interest good signs for Rico® ahead of 2021

Export & Market Access

A combination of favourable growing conditions and strong interest from both international and domestic markets have the variety ANP-0131 well placed as it enters a third season of commercial production in 2021.

“Building markets across Asia and New Zealand has been a focus for the brand this season, with a view to maximising returns for growers in the longer term,” says Andrew Mandemaker, Head of Group Quality and Innovation.

“A bigger crop in 2021 should give us the capacity to really get behind the brand this season, both in the export markets, but also here in Australia.”

A product of the DEDJTR research station in Tatura, ANP-0131 combines excellent eating quality and attractive blush colour with contemporary brand marketing.

Cameron Carter, Sales Manager at Seeka Australia, also sees a positive year ahead for the brand.

“Growing conditions haven’t been too bad this year, and we did get a good fruit set,” Cameron said.

“The top-worked trees are a year older of course and looking more balanced.

“We need to get the fruit to have at least some blush, and so far all but the most shaded fruit has good colour.”

With COVID-19 impacting supply chains across the world, increased interest from Asia has come at a welcome time, according to Andrew Plunkett, General Manager at Plunkett Orchards.

“Seeing keen interest from importers in Asia this year has been great,” said Andrew.

“With the fruit holding up very well in storage this season, even a delayed shipment to Asia has held up really well.”

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