APAL supports the development of new apple and pear varieties through its involvement with Prevar™ . Prevar is a New Zealand based company that develops and commercialises new and innovative apple and pear varieties. APAL is a 45 per cent shareholder in Prevar.

The primary goal of Prevar’s breeding program is to develop new apple and pear varieties that meet consumer demand with a strong focus on:

  • Pest and disease resistance.
  • Internal flesh colours that are aesthetically pleasing including red, orange or green.
  • High sugar levels making the fruit super sweet.
  • Crunch, texture, storability.

Prevar products licensed in Australia provide growers with an opportunity to access new high quality apple and pear products capable of higher returns. In 2012, the first Australian licence developed under the Prevar breeding and commercialisation program was completed for the variety PremA153, branded Honeymoon®, and it was planted by licensed growers in 2013.