Packhouse Optimisation Project

The Packhouse Optimisation Project aims to help growers and packers understand the full cost of packing apples and pears and identify ways to optimise their operations.

The Project will analyse the cost of packing, by developing a robust financial model of growers’ packing sheds to provide growers with the financial information they need to make informed decisions about upgrades, refurbishments, starting a new packing shed on a green-field site, or, possibly, amalgamation.

The project will be undertaken in Victoria with learnings shared nationally.

As part of the project, specialised rural consultants from AgBiz Assist Ltd, who have years of practical experience as rural financial counsellors, will help growers put the right data into the model and interpret the analysis arising from it. All financial data from individual businesses involved in the project will remain confidential and only accessible to the business itself.

Thirteen growers and packers have committed to the project, however, there is still limited room for a small number of additional growers and/or packers based in Victoria to join. There is a fee to join the project.

This project started in September 2016.



Russell Soderlund
APAL consultant
0400 117 360

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APAL’s Packhouse Optimisation Project is funded by the Victorian Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources through Regional Development Victoria’s ‘Food Source Victoria’ program.