Future Orchards archive library

The Future Orchards archive library offers archived field walk notes, articles and analyses related to the Future Orchards® project.

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Climate modification/risk management 

Varieties and rootstocks

Orchard systems

 Pre-plant preparation

Post-plant care


 Pruning and training


Growth regulators

 Vigour balance

Biennial bearing

Chemical thinning

 Crop loading & hand thinning

Fruit monitoring



Pest and disease

Spray technology

Fruit quality

General orchard husbandry

Harvest management

Post-harvest management


Pear production masterclass

Business planning

Labour efficiency

Orchard profitability

Measure, manage, improve

Tools and calculators

OrchardNet® training and resources

PIPS extension

Focus Orchard and Trial updates – archive library

Focus Orchard updates 2018-2020

Focus Orchard updates 2015-2018

Focus Orchard updates 2012-2015

Trial reports 2017/2018

Trial reports 2016/2017

Trial reports 2015/2016

Trial reports 2014/2015

Trial reports 2013/2014

Grower case studies

Business development program – archive library

Business development program 2018-2019

Business development program 2017-2018

Business development program 2016-2017

Business development program 2015-2016

Business development program 2014-2015

Business development program 2012-2014 

Business development program 2011-2012

Business development program 2010-2011

Future Orchards project updates

Future Orchards 2012 and the monitor blocks – archive library



South Australia



Western Australia


Facilitator summary notes – archive library

Batlow, New South Wales

Donnybrook, Western Australia

Goulburn Valley, Victoria

Huon, Tasmania

Orange, New South Wales

South Australia

Southern Victoria

Stanthorpe, Queensland

Monitor block forms

 Other documents


APAL’s Future Orchards program and this archive library is funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia Ltd (Hort Innovation) using the apple and pear industry levy funds from growers and funds from the Australian Government. AgFirst is a key Future Orchards partner.

Tiene du Preez with growers at Future Orchards DSC_8239 web700px

Growers at a Future Orchards walk – reports and articles from walks are maintained in the Future Orchards archive library.