Pink Lady® brand ownership and management

Find out about the difference between the Pink Lady® brand of apples and the Cripps Pink variety of apple and how the former is managed globally by Apple and Pear Australia Ltd (APAL).

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The Cripps Pink apple variety produces Pink Lady™ apples – they are the most widely planted apple variety and widely known apple respectively in Australia.

The difference between Cripps Pink and Pink Lady

The Cripps Pink apple variety produces Pink Lady® apples – they are the most widely planted apple variety and widely known apple respectively in Australia.

The Cripps Pink variety was bred in Western Australia in the 1970s and was first planted commercially in the 1990s in Australia. The Australian apple industry has benefited greatly from the work of the WA team and others who were involved in the research and development of this variety.

The Pink Lady® trade mark, which is registered in various forms in Australia and overseas, is used on the fruit produced by Cripps Pink apple trees and two mutations of Cripps Pink called Rosy Glow and Lady in Red, which meet certain quality specifications.

Pink Lady in Australia

Most people in Australia – including fruit growers and consumers – are not familiar with the Cripps Pink variety name, and instead use the term ‘Pink Lady’ to broadly describe both Cripps Pink trees and all the fruit these trees bear regardless of its quality. Strictly speaking this is not accurate because only fruit of a certain quality should be called Pink Lady apples and the trees should be called by their varietal name Cripps Pink.

But because of the long history of both the variety and the much-loved Pink Lady apples in Australia this is now the case. Indeed, Pink Lady apples are now the most popular apple in Australia, making up about 30 per cent of all apples sold in the country and they have contributed a huge amount of money to the Australian apple industry.

APAL took over the management of the Pink Lady brand in 1998, and made a strategic decision to invest in the brand internationally. There was significant opportunity to develop the Pink Lady brand internationally and more advantages to doing this than trying to enforce correct usage of the Pink Lady brand in Australia.

As a result, the Australian apple industry has benefited hugely because Australian-grown Pink Lady apples are so well branded internationally that it means the fruit can be successfully exported by Australian growers thanks to the quality assurance the brand offers international customers.

Pink Lady internationally

APAL owns and manages the Pink Lady brand in numerous territories worldwide and invests in the marketing and development of the Pink Lady brand internationally. Pink Lady apples are doing really well overseas where they are the number one premium apple brand in the world. They are particularly popular in the UK and Europe where they make up 10 and 4 percent of total apple sales respectively.

Through the way APAL has managed the Pink Lady brand internationally, Australia has a huge opportunity to sell more Pink Lady apples overseas particularly into new markets in Asia. Feedback from Asian consumers indicates that Pink Lady apples are desirable and that they are a premium and unique product.

The success of Pink Lady apples demonstrates the value of developing and marketing new types of apples. Pink Lady apples are unique because they have a beautiful appearance, delicious flavour and crisp texture that set them apart from all other apples in the market place.