Variety development and commercialisation

APAL manages the commercialisation and brand development of a number of apples and pears; owns a number of trade marks and brands; owns a marketing and intellectual property (IP) management company in the UK.

Commercialisation and branding

APAL manages the commercialisation and brand development of a number of apples and pears including:

  • Pink Lady® apples (internationally).
  • The Kalei apple variety and international development on behalf of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Queensland.
  • Frank™ pears
  • Lanya® pears
  • Joya® apples
  • RS103-110 apple variety (brand in development).

APAL has developed specific guidelines to ensure proper use of trade marks owned by APAL.

Services to Australian Plant Breeders Rights’ owners:  APAL is available to provide Brand Strategy Development for new varieties and Breeding Programs.

New variety development

APAL supports the development of new apple and pear varieties through its involvement with Prevar. Prevar is a New Zealand based company that develops and commercialises new and innovative apple and pear varieties.

Prevar products licensed in Australia provide growers with an opportunity to access new high quality apple and pear products capable of higher returns. The following varieties and related brands have been licensed to growers in Australia:

Coregeo Ltd

Coregeo Ltd is a UK-based wholly owned subsidiary of APAL specialising in the management of intellectual property (IP) and in providing trade representation and consumer marketing services in the fresh produce industry. Coregeo manages the Pink Lady® brand of apples and  Tenderstem® brand of broccoli in the UK.


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