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In 2014-15, apple production in Australia was 295,196 tonnes and it was valued at $555.9 million.

Quantity of apple production

Value of apple production



In 2014-15, Australian pear production was 105,243 tonnes valued at $125.2 million.

Quantity of pear production

Value of pear production


Pear production by state

In 2014-15, fresh apple consumption in Australia was around 8kg per person per year equating to less than one apple per week (assuming a single apple weighs around 175gms). In the same year fresh pear consumption was around 2.5kg per person per year (excluding nashi pears) equating to around one pear a month (assuming a single pear weighs around 210gms).

apple-consumption pear-consumption

Australia exports a relatively small proportion of apples and pears. in 2014-15, Australia exported 2,134 tonnes of apples and 7,649 tonnes of pears.



Australia imports relatively small proportions of apples and pears. In 2014-15, Australia imported 883 tonnes of apples and 1,613 tonnes of pears.



For the year 2014-15, Australia’s apple industry was valued at nearly $556 million, while the pear industry was valued at around $125 million. The combined apple and pear industry was valued at $681 million, making it the highest value fruit industry in Australia, larger than citrus ($508M), bananas ($455M) and table grapes ($343M).

Value of apple production

Value of pear production

In 2016, there are around 560 levy-paying growers of apples and pears in Australia. An ongoing decline in grower numbers indicates a consolidation of the industry where smaller-scale growers are exiting the industry and medium- and large-scale growers taking over.

Number of apple pear growers