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In-store pear tasting boosts sales by 24 per cent

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New sales data released by Hort Innovation has revealed that in-store sampling of Packham pears over summer boosted sales by 24 per cent in Woolworths stores where the sampling occurred.

In-store pear sampling took pears to over 45,000 shoppers and boosted sales in stores where sampling occurred by 24 per cent.

Among other results, the sampling also drove a 66 per cent hike in pre-packed 1kg Packham pear sales in Woolworths stores where sampling occurred.

Hort Innovation conducted the in-store sampling sessions in 280 Coles and Woolworths stores nationally between November 2017 and January 2018, giving over 45,000 shoppers a taste of pears.

Apple and Pear Marketing Manager Olivia Grey said the summer period was a unique time for in-store sampling of pears as traditionally it was a time of lower consumption due to new season stone fruit and berries coming onto the market.

Hort Innovation’s objectives for in-store sampling were to help growers market the bumper 2017 crop by:

  • Increasing the awareness of the availability and taste of pears.
  • Encouraging consumers to try purchasing pears.
  • Communicating seasonality, ripening and usage messages.
  • Highlighting where to find pears in the store.
  • Leaving consumers with a positive ‘Australian Pears’ brand experience.

As well as keeping pears top of mind with consumers and boosting sales, the in-store sampling with Coles and Woolworths provided the opportunity to gather consumer insights into buying behaviour.

“This face to face research is a valuable resource because it shines a light on purchase behaviour and barriers to purchase,” Olivia said.

Over 45,000 consumers sampled pears during the sessions, providing results that included:

  • 91 per cent those who sampled pears were over 31 years of age.
  • Almost one in two customers dislike the quality of pears available instore, making it a major purchase barrier.
  • Price is not an obstacle to purchase for 85 per cent of shoppers
  • Health is a purchase driver for approximately one in four shoppers

Pear in-store sampling video

Australian Pears are on the menu at Coles, Caroline Springs today from 10-2. Shoppers will be able to sample a freshly cut pear and grow their knowledge of this deliciously healthy snack!

Posted by Apple and Pear Australia Limited on Wednesday, 29 November 2017

More information

Olivia Grey, Apple and Pear Marketing Manager, Hort Innovation: 02 8295 2387 or

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In-store sampling is a marketing initiative funded by the Apple and Pear Marketing Levy and forms part of the overall marketing programme managed by Hort Innovation.

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