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Hort Innovation’s new sustainability framework


The Australian-Grown Sustainability Framework developed by Hort Innovation will provide a guide to better measure the sustainability of Australia’s horticulture industry and set sustainability goals for the future. 

Hort Innovation will work with industry to assess the current sustainability initiatives and business measures in the horticulture industry against 17 ‘focus areas’ of the framework – each with their own goals and indicators – which are aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. This process will help determine current industry strengths and future areas of investment or attention, as well as gathering together data and case studies to share horticulture’s “sustainability story”. 

The framework addresses the growing consumer and investor interest in evidence of ethical and sustainable practices in food production, including overseas trade partners in the UK and EU. Some key issues include energy efficiency, food safety and food waste. 

Hort Innovation has developed the framework for use at whole-of-horticulture level, industry level or business level, providing data sources to help growers gather the facts and information consistent with best practice international standards. 

The sustainability framework will also inform the next Strategic Investment Planning process. 

More than 600 horticulture industry participants worked with Hort Innovation to develop the framework. Input was sought from a broad range of stakeholders, including producers, industry peak bodies, researchers, investors, exporters, retailers, governments and consumers. 

Read the full framework on the Hort Innovation website. 

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