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Hort Innovation members to elect three new directors


Horticulture industry research and development corporation Hort Innovation will hold its annual general meeting on Friday 27 November via webinar.

Three directors will be elected to the nine-member board to fill positions falling vacant due to the rolling retirement of sitting directors including long-standing chairman Selwyn Snell, whose retirement was announced in June, and deputy chair Margaret Corbett.

All three new directors will be elected by Hort Innovation members following changes to the way directors are appointed made at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on 9 October under which all new board directors will be elected by voting members going forward.

This is a change to the Constitution, which since the 2017 AGM has seen the board made up of a mix of directors elected by voting members (five) and appointed by sitting directors (four).

The number of terms a director may serve was also changed at the EGM from nine years to a total of six years across two terms of three years.

The three directors elected at the 2020 AGM will be drawn from a pool of six candidates selected by Hort Innovation’s Director Nomination Committee following an intensive selection process.

They are:

  • Jenny Margetts (re-nominated director)
  • Hon. Niall Blair
  • Andrew Guthrie
  • Anthony Kelly
  • Michael Nixon
  • Victoria Taylor 

Details of all candidates and the AGM can be found on Hort Innovation’s website – AGM 2020.

The three new directors will join existing board members:

Julie Bird (elected by members in 2018)
Robert Clark (re-appointed by Directors in 2019)
Susan Finger (re-elected by members in 2018)
Paul Harker (re-elected by members in 2019)
Stephen Lynch (re-elected by members in 2018)
Jan Vydra (appointed by Directors in 2019)

Levy investment – Hort Innovation last week released it’s 2019/20 Company Annual Report and the 37 industry-specific Fund Annual Reports including the Apple and Pear Fund Annual Report 2019/2020 which can be found on the Hort Innovation website here.

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