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Hort Innovation Strategic Investment Plan 2022-2026


Hort Innovation this week released its Strategic Investment Plan 2022-2026 for the Apple and Pear Fund. The SIP will guide Hort Innovation’s investment of apple and pear industry R&D and marketing levies, and the Australian government’s R&D funding contributions across the five-years of the plan. 

SIP 2022-26 highlights 

Apple and pear levy contributions vary with national crop volumes and so the SIP includes estimates for the 5 years of the plan. The SIP estimates indicate 

  • Apple and pear growers will contribute $10.75 million in R&D levies and a further $11.25 million in apple marketing and $3.9 million in pear marketing levies over the five years.  
  • The Australian Government is forecast to contribute $9.98 million in R&D matching funding.   
  • The costs to implement and manage the R&D and marketing investment programs (Corporate Cost Recovery) are 13-14% of the levy funding (and government R&D contributions). 

The SIP’s strategic goals are centred around four outcome areas:  

  • demand creation – will support industry to expand into existing and future domestic and international markets and is supported by increased consumer knowledge, attitudes and purchase intent to drive growth. 
  • industry supply, productivity, and sustainabilitySupply and productivity will be supported through improvements to production efficiencies, which will drive profitability outcomes while ensuring long-term sustainability outcomes 
  • extension and capability – will support industry cohesion and increase the use of relevant investment outputs across supply, demand, and insight initiatives to drive impacts. 
  • business insights – will support the industry to remain aware of market and industry trends to drive informed decision-making 

Under each of those outcomes, there are industry-specific strategies and key performance indicators that provide guidance on how industry will work towards achieving the outcomes. 

How investments are made 

  • Actual projects are confirmed each year through Hort Innovation’s development of an Annual Investment Plan (AIP).  The 2021/22 AIP will be available in early December. 
  • Industry feedback is invited at key stages of the development of the SIP and each AIP, in addition to direct input, the Strategic Investment Advisory Panel (SIAP) provides feedback and helps prioritise the R&D projects, and the Strategic Marketing Panel (SMP) provides advice on the development of marketing initiatives.  
  • The Hort Frontiers strategic partnership initiative provides opportunity for collaboration and cross industry investment. Cross-industry opportunities identified in the apple and pear SIP include  
  • R&D opportunities 
    • Orchard management in a changing climate  
    • Biosecurity and fruit fly management  
    • Automation/mechanisation and orchard design  
    • Energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities 
  • Marketing opportunities 
    • All-of-horticulture consumer marketing campaigns  
    • Communications to bring horticulture to top of mind (saliency) and reposition the benefits they provide to Australian and international consumers  
    • Retail partnerships to advance total category and shopper demand-driving programs  
    • A global brand platform to reinforce the unique selling proposition of Australian-grown horticultural produce and drive preference with international consumers.


You can view a full copy of the Apple and Pear Fund SIP or a summary version here. 

Useful  links 

Project updates are shared through industry communications as well as the fund’s Annual Report. 

View SIAP and SMP meeting summaries and membership here 

Apple and Pear Levy Investment

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