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Hort Innovation seeks feedback for draft SIPs


The apple and pear industry can provide feedback into the proposed plans for  investment of their grower-levies over the next five years when Hort Innovation publishes the draft Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) for review and feedback on Friday 21 May.

Hort Innovation works with industry to invest the apple and pear levy and Australian Government contributions into initiatives to help growers be as productive and profitable as possible, through the Hort Innovation Apple and Pear Fund

The investment priorities are guided by a five-year Strategic Investment Plan (SIP).

Hort Innovation is currently seeking feedback on the updated draft SIP (2021/22 – 2025/26), refreshing the roadmap for future industry investment.

From 21 May to 11 June, levy-payers and stakeholders in the apple and pear industry will have the opportunity to comment on the draft SIP and can provide feedback via an online form which will be available on Hort Innovation’s website. The drafts will be available online until Friday 11 June (COB).   Feedback will be reflected in the final SIPs which will be published in July.

For more information about the SIP, the review process and how your feedback can make a difference please visit the Hort Innovation website.


Further information

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