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Hort Innovation’s Graduate Engagement Program is a scholarship for final-year university students granted with the intention of drawing promising graduates to the industry who might not have otherwise considered a future in horticulture. Following a 10-12 week internship, successful applicants will then be offered a graduate year following the completion of their degree.

Two of the 15 internships are set aside specifically for applications from within the apple and pear industry. Positions for the vegetable and nursery industries are also set aside, while five positions remain for open horticulture applications.

The program is open to any final year university student, and no particular discipline is required. Host employers nominate the field which is then matched with a successful applicant. These fields range from agronomy and production to engineering, IT, sales, supply chain management and more.

Applicants have the option of completing their internship over the Christmas holidays, or completing most of the internship between April and October and making up the last few weeks at the end of the year. After the internship is completed and applicants have completed their university degrees, they begin a graduate year which includes leadership training by the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation.

The Graduate Engagement Program began in 2016, and 2018 will mark the third year of the program. Applications are still being accepted for 2018, and students who will finish their degree next year are encouraged to apply for 2019.

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