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Hort Innovation’s AGM is on 27 Nov 2015. If you have a question you must submit a form BEFORE the meeting and if you want to delegate a proxy – do it now. 

Apple and pear growers who are members of Hort Innovation may attend the organisation’s inaugural AGM on Friday 27 November 2015. The venue for the meeting is The Mint, 10 Macquarie Street, Sydney. Registration opens at 9.00am with the AGM scheduled to start at 10.00am.

Only registered Hort Innovation members may attend the AGM. Hort Innovation has indicated that they have around 250 members from the apple and pear industry, including growers and other individuals and businesses within the supply chain however, only a small proportion of these are voting members (the precise number is not publicly available). APAL encourages all members, and particularly voting members, to attend the AGM to represent your industry.

Proxy forms

APAL staff cannot attend the AGM, because APAL is not permitted to be a member of Hort Innovation. However, Hort Innovation members can provide anyone with a directed proxy to attend and vote on their behalf. So if you cannot attend the AGM and want APAL to represent you let us know and we can assist you to arrange this. APAL Deputy Chair Kevin Sanders is also attending the AGM and can be your proxy too, but also must be a ‘directed’ proxy.

Completed proxy forms are not submitted to Hort Innovation – they need to be returned to Registry, Link Market Services by 5.00pm on Thursday 26 November 2015. Link can be contacted on 1800 660 083 and other contact details are provided on the proxy form that was sent out to voting members.

Hort Innovation has also indicated that that anyone who will be attending the AGM in person on behalf of a company will need to come along with a Body Corporate Representative Notice (or having provided one to Link before the meeting). Body Corporate Representative forms are available through Hort Innovation Company Secretary Sally Holmes on 02 8295 2352 or sally.holmes@horticulture.com.au.

Want a question answered by Hort Innovation?

If you want to have questions answered at the upcoming Hort Innovation AGM you must fill in a form with your question and submit it by 10.00am on Monday, 23 November 2015. Yes – that’s right – there will limited time to ask impromptu questions on the day and for those questions to be answered – so it’s much better to fill in the form with your question beforehand!

Hort Innovation advises that all AGM documents – including question and proxy forms – have been sent directly to members – so if you think you are a member and have not received your documents please contact Hort Innovation immediately.

More information

Available on the Hort Innovation website are the following relevant documnts:

For more information on the AGM and to RSVP please contact Olivia Nucifora on 02 8295 2329 or agm@horticulture.com.au.



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