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Hort Innovation AGM sees new Director appointments


Hort Innovation’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) last week saw the appointment of two new Directors, when voting members elected Catherine Oates and Robert Mullins and re-elected Julie Bird to the Hort Innovation Board. 

This AGM also saw the departure of Director Steve Lynch and Director Sue Finger, APAL member and orchardist at Vernview, Yarra Valley. 

Sue was appointed as a Director of Hort Innovation at its registration by the Minister for Agriculture and was re-elected in 2018. 

During her address to the AGM, Chair Julie Bird acknowledged the contributions of both Sue and Steve. 

“Special recognition and thanks to outgoing Directors Sue Finger and Steve Lynch for their valuable contributions during their time on the Board,” Julie said.  

“Being appointed in 2014, Sue Finger has served 7 years as a director, and Steve Lynch 6 years. Both your experience and dedication will be greatly missed.” 

Read more on the Hort Innovation website. 

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