Labour and employment

Looking after workers, looking after business

“Protecting the rights of workers is essential to the future profitability and sustainability of Australian agriculture,” - APAL CEO, Phil Turnbull. Seasonal farm workers employed on apple and pear orchards are essential to the [...]

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Indonesia-Australian agreement paves way for more workers

On 4 March, the Australian government signed the Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement after eight years of negotiations. Part of the agreement will see an increase the amount of work and holiday visas for Indonesians [...]

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Tuvalu workers ready to pick your apples and pears

Workers from the tiny South Pacific island nation of Tuvalu are among those keen to take on harvest jobs in Australia under the Seasonal Workers Program (SWP). Tuvalu, a collection of low-lying atolls and coral [...]

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Expanded labour options, but some new laws too

A lot has changed on the labour front since last harvest. Rob Hayes, Victorian State Manager of the National Harvest Labour Information Service (NHLIS) provides an update on changes to labour law, labour-hire licensing and [...]

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**NEW** – Harvest Trail Inquiry Report

The Fair Work Ombudsman released its Harvest Trail Inquiry report on 22 November, 2018, recommending a range of measures including broader education around workplace rights and obligations, including the rules around contracting labour, record-keeping and payslips and piecework arrangements.

Note – the FWO report commends a number of growers who, when unable to determine the pay received by their outsourced employees met requirements, took steps to source employees direct.

Read the full Harvest Trail Inquiry report

Seasonal work – Harvest Jobs

APAL does not hire seasonal workers. Please use the following resources to check requirements for working in Australia and search for available jobs.

The Australian Government’s Harvest Trail website links job seekers with harvest jobs.  Employers can list jobs in addition to resources for people looking for seasonal work.

Visit the Harvest Jobs website

Know your obligations/entitlements

Visit the Australian Government website to check the workplace regulations regarding:

Fair Farms Initiative

The Fair Farms Initiative is a national program delivered by Growcom with some funding from the Fair Work Ombudsman to help provide growers with the resources needed to ensure compliance with workplace relations requirements and enable them to demonstrate this compliance to prospective employees.

The pilot program began in September this year and a full roll-out is expected in early 2019.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced $1.5m in ongoing funding for the program in November 2018.

Visit the Fair Farms Initiative site