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Hailstorm Heroes wins Marketer of the Year award


APAL congratulates Hort Innovation’s Olivia Grey for winning the Marketer of the Year award after her role in the successful Hailstorm Heroes campaign developed to highlight the good eating quality of South Australian apple and pears despite superficial blemishes incurred in major hailstorms early in the growing season in 2018.

The campaign was well supported by national and local retailers and SA customers. Coles, Foodland, IGA, and some greengrocers participated in the campaign and Woolworths included Hailstorm Heroes fruit as part of its Odd Bunch range.

Olivia accepted the award at Hort Connections Gala Dinner in Melbourne on Wednesday June 26.

“Hort Innovation are honoured to be recognised by PMA and Produce Plus for this prestigious accolade. I am proud to be representing women in horticulture at a time when women are making waves in all levels of agriculture and innovation,” Olivia said.

“This wouldn’t have been possible without the support and collaboration from industry and in particular South Australian growers, and Susie Green, CEO of Apple and Pear Growers Association South Australia and the retailers. Their support during this campaign ensured that our hard working growers who were affected by the extreme hailstorm received a return on their produce.”

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